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The well-deserved attention pollinators are getting has fostered garden items for sale that include “insect hotels” which are houses made for solitary tunnel nesting insects. I was a skeptic when I first saw these little houses, but now appreciate their role in helping preserve our pollinators.

The best secret for fewer weeds in the perennial garden? Plant more stuff! Where my perennial beds are mature and thick with plants, I have only weeded twice in the spring. On occasion, I pull out a weed or two — but they are about three feet tall before I see them through the forest of plants. In the newer more sparse areas, more sunlight hits the exposed soil, and more weed seeds germinate. Those areas are shuffle hoed about every seven to ten days. Plants are likely to be on sale now — stock up! You can safely install a potted plant with a developed root system anytime the soil is workable, even until late October. If you are dividing iris, you have about three weeks left until you should stop — or in my case get started. You can also dig and divide hosta and daylily now, just cut the tops back.