The University of Minnesota Beef and Dairy Teams are now producing a cow podcast called, “The Moos Room.” The podcast, hosted by Joe Armstrong, Brad Heins and Emily Krekelberg, is made for both beef and dairy producers.

“The Moos Room” is free to stream or download and is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The cattle-focused podcast discusses relevant topics to help Minnesota beef and dairy producers be more successful. The information is evidence-based and presented as an informal conversation between the hosts and guests.

“Our goal with “The Moos Room” is to help Minnesota producers be more successful,” said Armstrong. “We want to discuss topics we see from our experience on farm in a way that is fun and constructive to listen to. Brad, Emily and I have developed a friendship that is built on banter, having a good time, still somehow staying on task, and our love of cows. I think listeners will be able to hear that in the podcast.”

This article was submitted by Joe Armstrong, University of Minnesota Extension.