In an effort to keep farmers up to date with safety and health information, UMASH is going online with the help and expertise of a number of organizations. The UMASH Online Expo: A 20/20 Look at Ag Health, Safety and Wellness is a three day event, August 11-13, and includes demonstrations, speakers and exhibits.

Demonstrations will be held at noon each day and will feature grain bin safety, tractor safety and ATV/UTV safety for both adults and youth.

On Aug. 11 is a grain bin safety rescue demo. Using a simulated grain bin engulfment, rescue techniques will be demonstrated to safety retrieve a victim from grain engulfment. Attendees will best practice prevention strategies to avoid entrapment or other injury when working around grain bins and how to respond if faced with a grain engulfment situation.

A PTO safety demonstration will take place on Aug. 12. PTO, tractor safety and experiential testimony will be shown by University of Minnesota Extension educators. A PTO shaft rotates much faster than our reaction time. Learn about the hazards of the power take-off. Watch what happens when a PTO entanglement occurs. Understand prevention steps to reduce the risk of a PTO-related entanglement.

Aug 13 will feature an ATV simulator demo. Topics will include choosing the correct PPE and proper body attire; determining the appropriate size ATV-UTV; understanding the concept of center of gravity and correct body positioning; burn points which can injure the lower leg; use of a safety flag; single riders; and maintenance checks.

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This article was submitted by the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center.