ST. PAUL — As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many farmers have suddenly lost a significant number of their wholesale buyers. Many farmers who sell to restaurants found their businesses grinding to a halt — a situation exacerbated by school closures.

Many farms across Minnesota are quickly adapting to the pandemic and adding alternative ways customers can safely obtain farm products to accommodate for social distancing, including pre-arranged pick-up sites, on-farm pick-up, home delivery and shipping.

Minnesota Farmers Union is connecting consumers directly with these farmers through its Minnesota Cooks local foods program. The Minnesota Cooks team created a survey for farmers to share how they are accessible and published a list of these farmers on their website.

To learn how you can buy directly from farmers right now, go to

If you are a farmer or producer and would like to be added to the growing list, please fill out the survey, also linked on the Minnesota Cooks website. The list is updated daily as farmers respond.

Please do not show up at farms without prior permission. Call ahead to verify there is product available and to schedule an appointment, then follow the instructions given by each farmer. Most importantly, stay home if you are not feeling well.

This article was submitted by the Minnesota Farmers Union.