WORTHINGTON, Minn. — Key issues and questions around crop production facing Minnesota corn and soybean farmers is the focus for Extension’s “Strategic Farming 2021: Let’s Talk Crops.” Sessions will be held over Zoom, which can be accessed via your computer, phone or other mobile device, and run from 8:30 to 9 a.m. on Jan. 6 through March 24.

These free online sessions will start with a brief presentation (about 10 minutes) by the discussion leaders for the day, followed by 20 minutes of discussion, framed around farmer/participant questions on the topic.

Speakers will include researchers and educators from the University of Minnesota and North Central region, as well as area agency personnel. Resources will be posted prior to the discussions for anyone wishing to take a deeper dive into the topics.

Jan. 13 — Soybean variety selection. Seth Naeve, Extension soybean agronomist and Dean Malvick, Extension plant pathologist.

Jan. 20 — Herbicide technology traits: What to use where, when, and how? Debalin Sarangi, Extension weed specialist and Tom Peters, Extension sugarbeet agronomist.

Jan. 27 — Broadcasting versus banding P & K. Jeff Vetsch, researcher and Dan Kaiser, Extension nutrient management specialist.

Feb. 3 — Third crops ready to work for you. Jochum Wiersma, Extension small grains specialist and Craig Sheaffer, forage specialist.

Feb. 10 — We've got you covered: The latest on cover crop research and tools you can use. Axel Garcia y Garcia, Sustainable Cropping Systems; Anna Cates, Extension state soil health specialist; and Gregg Johnson, Biomass Cropping Systems.

Feb. 17 — Adjusting soil pH to maximize crop production. Dan Kaiser, Extension nutrient management specialist and Jeff Vetsch, researcher.

Feb. 24 — The nuts'n bolts of on-farm research - Doin' it right. R.L. (Bob) Nielsen, Extension corn specialist, Purdue University; and Seth Naeve, Extension soybean specialist.

March 3 — Making every acre pay. Naeem Kalwar, Extension soil health specialist, North Dakota State University; Tanner Bruse, Minnesota Ag and Conservation Programs Manager, Pheasants Forever; and Alan Lepp, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

March 10 — What insects are bugging your corn this year? Ken Ostlie, Extension entomologist and Bruce Potter, Extension integrated pest management specialist.

March 17 — SCN: So tough a threat, it warrants a coalition. Greg Tylka, Nematologist, Iowa State University; Seth Naeve, Extension soybean agronomist; and Samuel Markell, Extension broadleaf plant pathologist, North Dakota State University.

March 24 — Stand establishment for corn and soybean. Seth Naeve, Extension soybean agronomist; Jeff Coulter, Extension corn agronomist; and Dean Malvick, Extension plant pathologist.

You need only register once for the whole program series. At registration, please take a moment to let us know what questions you would like highlighted during the discussions. Sessions will be recorded and posted for viewing later at your convenience. 

For more details on each session and to register, go to https://z.umn.edu/strategic-farming.

These programs are being offered at no charge, thanks to support from the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council and the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council.   

This article was submitted by University of Minnesota Extension.

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