two hour parking sign

The historic mix of parking limits in downtown Mankato — including 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes and two hours — will soon be almost uniformly two hours.

The Free Press

MANKATO — For the second time in three years, the city of Mankato is working to make on-street downtown parking more uniform and less restrictive.

One-hour parking on Front Street between Warren and Cherry Street — the block with Pagliai’s Pizza, WYSIWYG Juice and a half-dozen other restaurants and bars — has already been made uniformly two-hour parking.

Parking on the side and back of the post office also will become two-hour parking. It’s currently limited to 30 minutes along Broad Street south of Jackson Street. On Jackson Street, there’s now a mix of 15- and 90-minute parking.

On Walnut Street in front of Tandem Bagels and Number 4 American Bar and Kitchen, parking will change from 15-minute limits to 30 minutes.

In some spots, “no parking” signs will be dropped as well to reflect changes in the use of adjacent properties since the signs were originally installed.

The changes follow a similar effort in 2017 when virtually all of Second Street was converted to two-hour parking, ending the long tradition of having 15-minute spots on the ends of each block for people looking to run quick errands downtown.

Only one of roughly 75 property owners in the city center preferred the 15-minute spots, with many of the others saying the variety of limits was confusing to customers and the 15-minute slots didn’t provide enough time to do business downtown.