MANKATO — Two Mankato residents were charged Monday with hiding the two suspects in a New Year's Eve stabbing and one of them also is facing minor drug charges.

David Rosillo, 57, and Michelle Reichel, 40, were each charged with one felony count of aiding an offender on probation.

Police arrested Mankato suspect Micah Glenn Morson,18, and Joseph Rex Rosales, 24, on Friday evening in connection to the investigation of a male victim found with stab wounds Dec. 31 near the intersection of Broad and Elm streets. The victim was brought to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

During their search for Morson and Rosales, police contacted Reichel, Morson's mother, on Jan. 6 about locating the suspects, but she would not say where they were, according to the criminal complaint.

On Friday, police went to 504 Tanager Path in an effort to locate the suspects. A BCA agent called Reichel, informed her they were outside of the building and asked her to hand the phone to Morson. She said he was not there and began arguing with the agent.

Eventually, several individuals including Reichel and Rosillo, who also lives at the residence, came outside. Rosillo told officers only the individuals that came outside had been inside.

The suspects, Morson and Rosales, and two other individuals were eventually found hiding inside the building. A witness told police she had seen Morson several times at the location. She said he had been living at the residence for the last few days with his mother.

Morson and Rosales had not yet been charged as of late Monday afternoon in the stabbing incident. 

However, Rosales was charged Monday with felony fifth-degree drug possession for having a crushed glass smoking pipe in his pocket that tested positive for methamphetamine, according to a criminal complaint.

A search warrant affidavit recently filed in the stabbing case detailed how police received a call about the alleged stabbing of Darryl Beasley in front of a duplex at 527 N. Broad St. by three males just before midnight New Year's Eve.

Beasley identified Morson and Rosales but couldn't identify the third individual. He said Morson and Rosales both pointed firearms at him, and Rosales pulled a lever on the gun he had to load a bullet into the chamber.

The affidavit said Beasley had cuts on his head, knee and back area, but it did not say if he told officers who stabbed him.

Morson previously served time as a juvenile in Red Wing for assaulting his grandfather. He received an adult prison sentence for an incident where he was involved in a drive-by shooting. A charge of committing a crime for the benefit of a gang was dismissed in a plea agreement.

Rosales has several previous local convictions for burglary and drug-related crimes.