MANKATO — A more frequently abused and less dangerous form of a synthetic drug that is being blamed for the death of two Mankato residents was being sold in the city two years ago, according to court records.

Drug dealing charges filed against a Mankato teen in juvenile court Monday accuse 18-year-old Danielle Lee Willaert of selling 50 hits of acid to a Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force informant. The deal was set up by the informant to take place at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Mankato the night of March 25, 2013.

The juvenile complaint charges Willaert with one felony count of selling hallucinogens and one felony count of selling a synthetic drug.

Agents used an audio recording device while the deal allegedly took place in the informant's vehicle. Willaert allegedly sold the informant a sheet of 44 doses of what she said was LSD, along with six more doses that were not part of the sheet, for $300. Willaert also told the informant the drug had been obtained from a location known as the "acid house," according to the complaint.

While the sale was taking place, a male only identified as "Andy" allegedly walked over from the vehicle Willaert was driving, asked the informant if she needed any more doses of the drug and allegedly said he could get "sheets" of the drug at any time. A "sheet" is 100 doses of the drug, the complaint said.

The doses of the drug that were purchased by the informant were sent to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for testing. Results from the tests showed the drug on the small pieces of paper was not LSD, but a substance known as 25 I-NBOMe. The substance is a known synthetic hallucinogenic.

It's a drug that is more commonly abused than 25C-NBOMe, a synthetic drug that investigators believe had deadly consequences for two people who took it in March 2014.

That drug was allegedly provided to Chloe Moses, 17, and Louis Folson, 22, by Tyler Caputo, 22, of Mankato. Caputo is facing third-degree murder charges along with James Luke Inman, 31, of Mankato. Inman allegedly provided the drug to Folson after obtaining it from Caputo.

Although there are chemical differences between the two synthetic drugs, 25 I-NBOMe also has been blamed for causing illnesses and permanent organ damage to people who have consumed the drug.

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