MANKATO — Before she crashed into a house during a pursuit, a woman stabbed a Walmart em-

ployee in the arm while stealing over

$1,300 worth of merchandise, authorities said. After she crashed, she reportedly ran from police and got into a stranger’s vehicle.

Tiffany Latrice Samone Herron, 22, of Chicago, admitted to parts of the Monday crime spree in Mankato, according to charges filed Wednesday in Blue Earth County District Court.

Herron is charged with felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, theft and fleeing police in a vehicle, and misdemeanor counts of fleeing police on foot and entering a vehicle without permission.

According to the court complaint and a Mankato police press release:

Just before 10 a.m. Monday, Herron tried to walk out of Walmart with a cart full of products for which she hadn’t paid. When an employee attempted to stop her, Herron stabbed the employee in the arm with scissors. The employee told authorities she did not realize she had been stabbed until she saw blood.

Herron escaped from the store and drove away but got lost trying to find her way back to the residence she was visiting. A Blue Earth County sheriff’s deputy found her parked to the side of East Main Street and she sped off when she saw the deputy.

She ran several stop signs, and in the 1700 block of Fair Street, she drove into a yard and struck two garbage cans, went back into the road then into another yard before striking a house.

Herron ran away, jumped a fence and got into an occupied vehicle and told the driver to get out. The deputy caught up while Herron was in the vehicle, pulled her out and placed her under arrest.

Herron admitted to shoplifting, stating she “picked the wrong store.” She told a detective she “tweaked” when she saw a deputy had found her.

A scissors and more than $1,300 worth of stolen goods were recovered from the crashed vehicle Herron had been driving.