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NEW ULM — A New Ulm man allegedly twice tried to run over a neighbor who was blocking an alley.

Gary Arthur Wendinger, 74, was charged with felony threats of violence, misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor disorderly conduct Friday in Brown County District Court.

A neighbor said he was trying to restart a stalled car in an alley off N. Payne Street on July 6 when Wendinger drove at him. The neighbor said he dove out of the way, according to a court complaint.

Wendinger then reportedly threatened to shoot the neighbor’s son and said he would have sex with the neighbor’s wife. When the neighbor turned away, Wendinger allegedly tried to hit him a second time with his vehicle.

Wendinger reportedly told police the neighbor flipped him off then blocked him from leaving. He denied trying to hit the neighbor.

A witness told police he heard a vehicle accelerate rapidly, then saw Wendinger and the neighbor arguing.

Wendinger is on probation after he pleaded guilty to threatening a neighbor in 2019. He brought a gun outside in its case and told a neighbor he would “blow you away like a cloud of smoke,” according to the charging document in that case.

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