MANKATO — John Klatt has been entertaining air show crowds for 17 years, so he’s no stranger to seeing the world from a different perspective than everyone else.

Klatt will be making his sixth appearance at the Minnesota Air Spectacular this weekend in Mankato, this time with Jack Link's and the Screamin’ Sasquatch jet Waco biplane.

“Hearing the sound of the propeller and the jet engine together is really something,” Klatt said of the unique blending of a 1929 Taperwing Waco biplane and the modern General Electric jet engine mounted beneath it.

Klatt took The Free Press Media for a ride in the team’s two-seat aerobatic Extra 300L to show what it’s like to make a living doing rolls, twists and turns in the sky. The Eagan native enjoys flying Minnesota air shows where his wife, Debbie, and their two children can see him perform.

Klatt’s crew chief and one of the builders of the Screamin’ Sasquatch, Dell Coller, will be at the controls of the biplane this weekend in Mankato. The aircraft, now in its sixth season of flying at airshows, was built by Coller and a team of engineers with uniqueness in mind.

“It really goes along with Jack Link’s ‘feed your wild side’ mentality,” Klatt said.