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MANKATO — The Mankato Department of Public Safety notified 12 area businesses of a bomb threat Wednesday night that turned out to be false.

Police say an unknown male called in a threat at about 5:40 p.m. stating a bomb in front of a grocery store would blow up in the next 25 minutes “in your town.”

“There was nothing specific, they didn’t even mention Mankato,” said Adam Gray, a Mankato police commander.

Officers notified eight big-box grocery stores and four local stores about the threat and advised them to search their properties. Some businesses, such as Walmart, carried on as normal while other stores, such as Cub Foods on Riverfront Drive, Sam’s Club and Aldi’s, temporarily evacuated customers.

Gray said no explosive device was found and the public was in no danger.

Police are continuing an investigation into the threat. Anyone with information is encouraged to call officers at 507-387-8700.