MANKATO — The Mankato City Council voted 6-1 Monday to pass a $20.3 million levy, a $131.4 million city budget and about $10.3 million in infrastructure and capital projects for 2020.

The levy is about $124,000 less than what city officials initially proposed, while the city will use about $200,000 in contingency funds to bolster parts of its budget compared to what staff initially recommended.

Council member Mark Frost was the lone dissenting vote against the levy, budget, the city’s scheduled fee changes for next year and Mankato’s five-year Community Investment Plan.

City Manager Pat Hentges said the 2020 budget and levy won’t increase Mankato’s tax rate, meaning residents shouldn’t see an increase in taxes unless their property taxes go up. The average residential property is projected to increase in value by about 5% next year.

The Free Press