CLEVELAND —  Frigid temperatures have tempted some fisherman to venture out onto the area lakes, which at this time have thin layers of ice.

Le Sueur County deputies have observed some portable fish houses set up on Lake Henry near Cleveland, prompting Sheriff David Tietz to issue an advisory about walking atop frozen waterways.

Tietz is urging fishermen to know when it is safe to go onto the ice, how to travel on ice and what to do if the ice should crack/break.

Before heading out onto new-formed ice, fishermen should check with local bait shops, resorts or outdoor stores regarding the ice thickness or known thin spots on a waterway. 

It takes 4 inches of good clear ice to support foot travel, 5 inches for an ATV or snowmobile, 10 to 12 inches to carry the weight of a small car or truck and a thickness between 12 and 15 inches for a medium-weight truck.

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