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MANKATO, — GreenSeam will conduct its first comprehensive survey of Minnesota agribusinesses and related businesses through State of Ag focus groups.

The effort aims to reveal the perceptions and opinions on the economy and other major issues impacting agricultural businesses, with an emphasis on education and talent attraction and retention.

There will be a focus group in Mankato 2-3 p.m. June 20 at ISG, 115 E Hickory St No. 300, third floor.

There will also be focus groups in Marshall on June 20 and in Austin, Fairmont and Faribault on June 19.

GreenSeam is seeking business leaders from food and beverage, livestock, agronomy/crop science, agri-services/business, transportation/energy, and professional services to attend.

Participants will be asked to share challenges and solutions their businesses face each day.

The results of the sessions and surveys will be shared with educational partners and businesses.

GreenSeam is a divison of Greater Mankato Growth. For more information, visit:

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