RAPIDAN — Two deputies were shocked by a Taser when a Rapidan man grabbed the weapon from one of the officers during a confrontation Friday, according to a criminal complaint.

Deputies also stunned the suspect four times during the struggle. He was reportedly high on marijuana and had threatened a relative with a crossbow.

Samuel Richard Deegan, 26, was charged with felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, threats and disarming a police officer Monday in Blue Earth County District Court.

He also is charged with gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process, misdemeanor domestic assault and misdemeanor fleeing police on foot.

According to the court complaint:

A relative called 911 Friday afternoon and said Deegan threatened to shoot her with a crossbow. Deegan reportedly was upset about being kicked out of the camper in which he had been living on a residential property in Rapidan.

Deegan approached the first responding Blue Earth County sheriff’s deputy with a crossbow. He put the crossbow down but soon after turned back toward the weapon. Deputy Justin Lindmeyer stepped between Deegan and the crossbow, at which point Deegan began running toward a group of bystanders. Lindmeyer deployed his Taser to stop Deegan before he reached the bystanders.

Deegan got up and started to run again, ignoring the deputy’s order to stop. Lindmeyer used the stun gun a second time.

A second deputy then arrived and Deegan fought with both deputies as they tried to subdue him. Deputy Brian Martin used his Taser on Deegan during the fight.

Deegan then grabbed Martin’s Taser and reactivated it. He stunned both deputies with the weapon. Martin was shocked through the hand and Lindmeyer up one arm to the neck.

Two of the bystanders helped subdue Deegan. He again fought with deputies as they tried to get him into a squad car and a deputy then used the Taser’s drive-stun, which delivers a lesser charge.

Deegan was taken to a hospital, where he said he had used marijuana.

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