MANKATO — A 19-year-old man who allegedly crashed his car into a gas pump island at a convenience store after his driving caught the attention of an off-duty police officer is facing assault charges for allegedly brandishing a knife.

Isaac Paul Rodriguez, no permanent address, also has been charged with making terroristic threats, refusing to submit to a drug and alcohol test, carrying a handgun in public without a permit, open bottle and underage drinking. The incident was reported at about 4:20 a.m. Saturday.

A Mankato police officer had just gotten off duty and was driving home when he saw a blue Dodge Challenger driving erratically on North Riverfront Drive. After the car cut him off several times and continued to weave through traffic, the officer used his radio to contact an on-duty officer. He provided a description of the car, including its license plate number, and its location.

The responding officer caught up to the car as it was pulling into the Holiday convenience store on Riverfront Drive. Rodriguez got out of the driver's side of the car after it crashed into the concrete base of the pump island, according to the criminal complaint filed in Blue Earth County District Court.

Rodriquez was repeatedly told to get back into the car but didn't respond, the officer reported. Rodriguez had an open pocket knife in his hand and was walking toward the officer when he was subdued and handcuffed with help from two other officers, the complaint said.

After being asked to take a breathalyzer or blood test, Rodriguez allegedly responded with profanities. A loaded handgun was found under the driver's seat, brass knuckles were found in the center console, and ammunition was found in the glove box of the car, the officers reported.

Rodriguez provided a preliminary breath test that showed his blood-alcohol concentration was .14, nearly twice the legal limit of .08 for driving. The officers also reported his pupils were the size of pin holes.

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