NEW ULM — Police allegedly caught a New Ulm man with large amounts of marijuana and THC e-cigarette cartridges after a woman who was hiding in the trunk of a car overheard him threaten another woman.

Dylan James Zeitz, 20, was charged with felony threats and several felony drug crimes Thursday in Brown County District Court.

A woman contacted a friend from the trunk of a car Saturday morning and asked the friend to call police. An officer located the car in a New Ulm parking lot and Zeitz claimed there was no one in the trunk while a female occupant would not respond to the officer.

A woman was found in the trunk and told the officer she was hiding from Zeitz, according to a court complaint. The woman who got out of the trunk said she was with the other woman when Zeitz called for a ride. She decided to hide because she feared Zeitz would be jealous.

After Zeitz got into the car, the hiding woman said she overheard Zeitz threaten to kill and beat the other woman. She said she feared for the other woman's safety as well as her own. 

Zeitz smelled of marijuana and multiple illegal substances were found in his backpack, the charges said. Zeitz allegedly had 0.7 pounds of marijuana, 52 e-cigarette cartridges containing THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), five doses of a prescription painkiller, and suspected hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Authorities also found and seized nearly $1,800 in an envelope labeled “Bud” and more than $1,300 in an envelope labeled “Carts.”