MANKATO — A former Minnesota State University student is facing felony drug sales and possession charges for allegedly having about $1,800 worth of a powerful concentrated marijuana oil delivered to his dorm room nearly a year ago.

Agents with the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force were called by a postal inspector on Feb. 24, 2014, after a package containing the oil was intercepted, according to a criminal complaint filed last week in Blue Earth County District Court.

The complaint reveals that large amounts of the oil, which has been popular among drug users on the West Coast for years, has been circulating around Mankato for longer than local drug agents had suggested after a large marijuana bust in November.

That bust garnered 140 pounds of high-quality marijuana and a half ounce of the oil, which agents described as being extremely potent and potentially dangerous.

The oil has high concentrations of THC, the high-inducing chemical in marijuana, and is made in a process that draws the chemical out of the plant with butane fuel. A very small amount can create an extremely powerful high, the agents reported.

The package intercepted had been addressed Won-Suk Chung at his dorm room in the McElroy Residence Hall's F Wing, according to the complaint. It was delivered by the postal inspector and two agents working with the task force.

Chung, 20, was arrested after he allegedly accepted the package and was followed back toward his room. He allegedly told investigators he had spent about $1,000 and a friend had spent $800 to purchase the package and have it shipped to the dorm.

He also told investigators he had received a total of three packages of the drug from the same source, the complaint said. The purchases were allegedly made by sending cash through the mail and by transferring money through a Wells Fargo bank account. The drug was sold in Mankato for prices ranging from $30 to $40 per gram at the time.

Chung is to make his first court appearance March 12 for the charges of fifth-degree drug sales and fifth-degree drug possession.