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MANKATO — A new report found two Mankato area medical groups were high performers in care measures ranging from breast cancer screenings to depression remission in 2019.

The results were in Minnesota Community Measurement’s annual health care quality report released today. It measured 213 medical groups and 948 clinics on a wide range of health categories.

The report recognized Mankato Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System for standing out in several measures.

Mankato Clinic was one of nine medical groups to be above average in at least 50% of its eligible measures. The distinction included three of six significantly above-average metrics for chronic condition care and seven of eight significantly above-average metrics for mental health screenings and depression care.

Mankato Clinic CEO Randy Farrow pointed to the clinic’s electronic medical record as one of the reasons for the strong measures. The tool took time to fine tune, he said, but it helped improve screenings, follow-up care and identify patients past due for appointments.

“It’s a much more proactive approach to trying to help people manage these conditions and get them under control,” he said.

Depression care improved overall among the measured medical groups and clinics in comparison to last year’s report. Mankato Clinic fared well in adolescent mental health screenings — a 93.5% rate — follow-up care at six months — 52.3% — and depression remission rates after 12 months — 9.4% — among other categories.

Embedding psychologists within primary care and pediatric settings helped the clinic achieve the mental health quality measures, Farrow said. The setup can help patients see mental health professionals sooner once primary care or pediatric providers identify a need.

Mayo Clinic Health System, which includes its Mankato facilities, was a high performer in preventive health categories. It was one of nine medical groups with significantly above-average marks in half of the six measures, earning it for breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings and child immunizations.

Dr. Bobbie Gostout said in a statement the health system was pleased with the positive results in the report.

“Mayo Clinic Health System continuously strives to provide the highest quality health care to our patients,” she said.

The health system’s southwest Minnesota region including Mankato had an 86% breast cancer screening rate, 80% cervical cancer screening rate and 65.2% childhood immunization status. The health system overall, which includes other regions, was one of nine medical groups recognized for significantly above-average rates in 50% of the preventive measures.

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