MANKATO — An apartment fire that resulted in two police officers receiving minor injuries remains under investigation by the Mankato Department of Public Safety.

Two police officers went into a basement apartment at 107 S. Fifth St. just after noon Friday after a fire was reported at the fourplex. They were making sure everyone was out when a container exploded, injuring one officer's hand and singing another officer's hair, said Jeff Bengtson, deputy director for fire services.

The man living in the apartment, 23-year-old Michael Washington, was already out of the apartment when the police officers arrived. Bengtson said he didn't know what was inside the container that exploded while the officers were in the apartment.

Both officers were taken to the hospital to be checked. They returned to work after the examinations, Bengtson said.

Damages to the apartment were minor and Washington is still able to live there. Bengtson estimated about $1,500 in repairs would be required. No other apartments were damaged.

Foul play has not been ruled out, but investigators had not determined the exact cause of the fire as of Monday. The fire was in such a small area that Bengston didn't expect the investigation to take much time. He said the cause of the fire will likely be known later this week.

"Because the damage area was so limited, it's reasonable to think we could have this cleared up by then," he said.