To the Editor:

Thoughtless loyalty in corrupt political leaders is not patriotism. A patriot does not instruct persons to merely remain inactive and be undisturbed; to abstain from expressing yourself in the distinction of the well-mannered or for the benefit of existing as an honorable harbor for a parasite; to display servitude, visionless compliancy and admiration to a vitiated, war-huckstering, tellurian-justices-desecrating president. A patriot is not that. On the contrary, that person is a servile self-seeker. That living human being is an allotment of a horrifying taste of subservience — a gentility where to be conquered by those with supremacy is of greater principle than deciding what is seemly, even if it is not effortless, harmless, or well-liked. In addition, I presume that person is scared — frightened we are correct, terrified of the truth (even to the position of disavowing it), fearful they have assigned with an unjust, merciless administration that does not revere the edicts and beliefs of our nation, and that chronicles will position as the most inferior and most unfavorable presidency our country has ever had to experience. We were given the opportunity Nov. 7 to change all things from the township hall to the White House, and that we did. Real patriots went out to vote on election day, a day that changed direction for all of America and for a brighter future for everyone.

Brad Trom

Blooming Prairie