ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Dry Edible Bean Research and Promotion Council with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will conduct a mail referendum in November to reaffirm the council’s checkoff. The referendum will be held Nov. 10-25 to reaffirm the present 10 cents per hundredweight.

Checkoff dollars fund ongoing domestic and international dry edible bean marketing programs. In addition, the funds are used to provide grants to researchers conducting scientific studies directly related to dry edible bean production. For example, the council and growers are focusing on the edible beans' role in human nutrition and are working with the Agriculture Research Service Human Nutrition Center in Grand Forks, N.D., to identify the health benefits of dry edible beans.

The Minnesota Dry Edible Bean Research and Promotion Council encourages all dry edible bean growers to respond to the referendum materials sent by the MDA. This will authorize the Commissioner of Agriculture to sign a new promotion order formalizing the present 10 cents per hundredweight amount.


This article was submitted by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.