Kristin Kveno

While I was growing up, my parents were open and honest about so many aspects in life. Our conversations around the dinner table covered all topics; and with our family we had varying views on just about everything.

However, the two things which were off limits with my parents were telling my brother and I how much money they made and who they voted for. My dad explained that both of those things were private matters.

We always knew we had enough money to keep us housed and fed and that’s all we needed to know. As for the voting, it was a decision that was yours alone. At the time, I was annoyed I wasn’t privy to either of those tantalizing tidbits. But now I appreciate their way of thinking — immensely.

My husband and I have also adopted this line of thinking. We have watched debates with our children, talked about what we saw, but have given no indication of how we feel about the candidates. I actually wish we would all be like that. Our voice is heard loud and clear in the voting booth. This is our opportunity to have our opinion count.

I have friends who are as conservative as they come and friends that are as far left as possible. Guess what? They are all wonderful people. They have showed up when the chips are down, they have been my ride or die buddies. I don’t care who they vote for, I care if they have a good heart and are dang funny. I need that laughter in life.

What if we go into this election season with love instead of distain? Hope instead of anger? Everyone has the right to put signs up, wave political flags and wear face masks with candidates’ names on it; but it seems instead of just looking at these things as what they are, we are judging those people solely on who they are supporting.

This election seems to be getting uglier by the minute, but we don’t need to continue down that awful road. We can take the high road. I’ve never seen a political fight on Facebook or any social media platform that has resulted in the other person changing their minds. Instead, horrible names are thrown around and anger ensues. It’s pointless, cruel and a waste of time. There are so many causes in this world that could use peoples’ time, money and energy. Let’s focus on changing the world that way.

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader created a walking museum in her yard on Aug. 26 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote. It was eye opening. We had an insightful time walking through and learning about the events that transpired which finally gave women the right to vote. It’s still astonishing to realize that same right wasn’t extended to Black people until 1965. The ability to vote was hard fought for so many. Let’s not waste our energy on bickering, but use the opportunity to cast a vote for the people and causes that speak to you.

There’s a comedian named Trey Kennedy. My kids and I have loved watching his YouTube videos during the pandemic as he always brings smiles to our faces. He just released a video ( )about picking a side this political season. It’s hilarious. With the simplest things, he is able to turn it political with humor. He’s not picking a side at all; he’s merely pointing out that’s exactly what we’re doing at every turn.

We have the ability change our attitudes, to come together regardless of our political views and remember we are NOT who we vote for. Nov. 3 will be here soon. May we all take a deep breath and simply vote.

Kristin Kveno is the staff writer of The Land. She may be reached at