Here's what was trending on Tuesday.

1. Meet Mrs. T, an infirmed 90-year-old tortoise from Wales who was outfitted with prosthetic wheels after her legs were eaten by rats, shown here on her way to the "Shell" station. 

Pet tortoise whose had its legs eaten by rats, has had wheels fitted which makes her move twice as fast, in Pembroke, west Wales, UK

COPY BY TOM BEDFORD 07701380452 Pictured: Tortoise Mrs T with with its new set of wheels. Re: A couple whose beloved pet tortoise suffered appalling injuries when it was partially eaten by a rat, have had it fitted with a set of wheels. Owners Dale Sinclair-Jones and Linzi James of Pembroke, west Wales needed help for a series of operations for tortoise, Mrs T which can now move twice as fast with the special bracket and wheels fitted onto its shell. A rat had tried to eat one of her back legs and has completely eaten her two front legs to the elbow joint, which will have to be amputated.

2. Talk about a foxy sandwich artist... 

3.  Captain Americauliflower. Mighty Corn. Black Bean Widow. You get the idea. 

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