Sue Peterson

Sue Peterson

My sister-in-law Carol called inviting Stan and me to the Christmas Cantata at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

It’s a bit of a trek from Blue Earth to Mankato. It seemed like the transition from fall to winter had been very abrupt. In fact, it was the weather that caused us to turn around and head back home. The roads were just not good for travel.

This Sunday we would forgo our visit to Sunrise Cottage to see Mom. We have enjoyed not only Mom, but the little dachshund, Doc, too. He is loved by the residents and visitors alike. Mom and the other residents claim Doc for their own.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans also looked to be in question. I had purchased groceries for our guests. The food had been prepared for Christmas Day. I had a feeling our guests would be unable to join us for Christmas dinner.

It began to snow. The call came. Roni Jo, Stan’s daughter, had a bad cold and was unsure of the roads, so they decided against the long drive from Minneapolis. Instead, Roni and Terry agreed to meet us at Emma Krumbee’s in Belle Plaine at a later date.

Sarah, Mike and family had met us there just a couple of weeks earlier since their Christmas plans included a trip to Arizona, and they would be there until after New Year’s.

The next morning I helped Stan with the snow shoveling. The snow was very wet and heavy. My back began to ache. I hoped Stan was doing OK. I watched him driving the lawn tractor, which had been outfitted with a snow thrower. He was white from head to foot. The cold caused his face to get very red. It felt good to be out in the clean white snow. After completing our snow removal, we celebrated with the previously planned and prepared Christmas dinner. We then viewed videos from our collection of favorite Christmas DVDs.

In the spirit of celebration, we drove around Blue Earth to see the light displays. It looked like some of the Christmas cards we had received. We drove past decorated homes, lighted windows and stretches of trees lining the frosty white river ice.

Snowmobiles raced beside us in the fenceless fields and ditches. I rejoiced about the snow, and was glad that my sins had been forgiven and were as white as snow. Jesus, my Savior, assured me of my forgiveness.

Being out in God’s creation gives me that peace, as written in Isaiah 1:18 — Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: Though your sins are like scarlet, they be as white as snow.


Sue Peterson has been writing “The Yield” column since 1978 and has been a staple of The Land. She may be reached at or 1010 East 5th St., Blue Earth, MN 56013. Matthew 6; Psalm 37:5-7