The wedding season for the Kveno family has officially concluded. No more tulle, updos, tuxedo rentals and gift registries — we are done! What an amazing season it has been though.

Between my husband and me, we have four siblings; this summer three of them got married. My husband, I and my eldest daughter (age 2) were in all three weddings. And when we weren’t in a wedding it seemed that every weekend we — or rather I, I should clarify — had a shower to attend. There were 13 in all, with a couple of friends’ baby showers thrown in just for fun.

We had a wonderful time at the weddings. We felt honored that our siblings wanted us to be a part of their big day. Our daughter loved being the flower girl and would tell anyone she knew, or didn’t know, that she got to wear princess dresses in the weddings.

Since I got married six years ago, the wedding industry has changed; things are so much more complicated and with many more details to worry about. We thought we were so forward-thinking when we had chocolates in each hotel room of every out-of-town guest coming for the wedding, and a bag of fun stuff for each little kid at the reception.

That is all old hat now.

Our siblings’ weddings featured cheesecake centerpieces, chocolate wedding cakes and a person at the reception hand-rolling cigars for the guests.

Weddings aren’t what they used to be. They seem to be more tailored for the bride and groom’s individual tastes.

But with all that tailoring comes a heftier price tag. Budgets seem to get larger each year as more ideas come about.

I gave a speech at my brother’s wedding; it was a surreal experience. Here was my little brother getting married. Gone was the little snotty nosed kid (severe sinus problems at the time) who would ask me if he could have a sip of my pop and then when he returned it back to me, I would take one look in the can and tell him he could have the rest.

Now he is an amazing man, with a kind heart, who has matured into such a great person. I know he will be a wonderful husband.

I watched in awe of all the preparations that my sisters-in-law made for their weddings. Some made the invitations themselves, created their own guestbook, made centerpieces, designed and created aisle decorations, canned pickles and made jam. Together they could open a craft boutique with all their talent and creativity.

For my own wedding I, on the other hand, rented the centerpieces and ordered the invitations. For what it’s worth, I did make the Jordan almond favors, my small creative contribution.

Now that the weddings are over I am hoping we can spend more time with our extended family and just enjoy each others’ company without the chance that wedding preparation concerns will pop into the conversation.

They can now each reflect on their wonderful day and look forward to living happily ever after.


Kristin Kveno is the copy editor-staff writer of The Land. She may be reached at