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December 12, 2013

Deadline to request beef referendum ballots extended

New deadline of Jan. 17

St. Paul — To ensure maximum participation and opportunity to learn about the upcoming beef referendum, the deadline for Minnesota beef producers to request a ballot has been extended until Jan. 17.

“After holding public hearings with producers we have decided this extension will make it easier for the maximum number of Minnesota beef producers to participate and make an informed decision about this important referendum,” said Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson.  “I strongly encourage all of Minnesota’s beef producers to get involved and request a ballot.”

To ensure producers are on the list to receive a ballot by mail, they can request it in one of three ways. The MDA’s website has a ballot request form at producers can call the MDA at (651) 201-6013.  Lastly, they can request a ballot by calling the Minnesota Beef Research and Promotion Council at (952) 854-6980.

The Minnesota Beef Research and Promotion Council is proposing to increase the amount of the current state checkoff by an additional $1 per head on all bovine animals marketed within Minnesota by each producer or feeder.  The additional $1 per head is voluntary.  Dairy cows purchased by a dairy producer specifically for milk production are not subject to the checkoff.  Dairy cows and veal calves sold by a dairy producer for the purpose of slaughter are subject to the checkoff.

Producers who request a ballot by the Jan. 17 deadline can expect to receive a ballot in the mail in early March 2014. To learn more about how the Minnesota Beef Council utilizes checkoff dollars, producers are encouraged to contact the council at (952) 854-6980.