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November 1, 2012

After we went to press ...

Letters to the editor concerning Election Day 2012

Letter: Romney-Ryan would destroy America’s middle class

To the Editor: Romney’s record at Bain Capital should be one of many reasons to vote against him. Instead of being a “white knight” riding to the rescue of a company in trouble, Romney was a classic wall street raider. The Bain Capital record, while Romney was in charge, was recently documented in a lengthy article in the pro-business, Republican-leaning Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

The method was: 1) Buy a good company in trouble, cheap; 2) Sell off the profitable assets and use the money to pay back Bain’s investment; 3) Borrow as much money as possible and give the money to Bain; 4) Declare bankruptcy and use the bankruptcy to reduce debt, eliminate pension liabilities, and bust union contracts; 5) Pitch company after bankruptcy as being a very good investment, put out an IPO, and trick investors into investing in their company; 6) Cash in their equity with the proceeds of the IPO and walk away with millions, leaving the company heavily in debt. The companies eventually fail, because of debt load, costing investors millions and workers their jobs and pensions.

The same pitch is being made by Romney during the campaign. He is going to reduce taxes by 20 percent, spend $2 trillion more on the military, and eliminate the deficit by closing unnamed loopholes. As President Clinton said: “Do the math. It is not possible.”

This is a snow job, similar to the Bain Capital plan, with voters instead of investors as the target.

As for job creation, Romney didn’t mention all of the jobs lost when the companies were closed. In Romney’s own words, “I like to fire people.” He even wants to fire Big Bird. Does he really think eliminating Sesame Street will balance the budget. Sesame Street was very helpful to us in educating our children. I would hate to see the next generation lose it.

This election is very critical. You have to believe that Romney and Ryan will do what they say they are going to do. They are telling us that they will eliminate Social Security and Medicare, and lower taxes on the rich. The middle class will be decimated and the country will be well on its way to becoming another Mexico.

Marv Jensen

Kensington, Minn.


Letter: Let us change the laws of man, not God’s law

To the Editor:

Is your baby, a gift from God, homosexual?

No! We teach them how to eat, how to talk, how to read, what’s dangerous and what’s not, and a whole lot more.

A well-known TV minister studied the Bible as much as anyone, and studied at the highest religious institutions. One of the minister’s jobs is to convince us that what’s in the Bible is true and guide us to heaven. He was asked about the gay community and he said that the gay lifestyle is sinful. Are you going to vote for a sinful lifestyle? All our short life is to prepare yourself for life after death, and the gay lifestyle is not one of them.

The last days will be similar to the days of Noah; let’s not shorten it up. We cannot change the rules of law that God gave us to follow, but we can change the laws and rules man has made. Vote yes for the marriage amendment. The benefits of God, there’s none higher.

Myron Solberg

Buffalo, Minn.


Letter: Concept of moral absolutes is being lost

To the Editor:

The Land editors seem certain the Minnesota marriage amendment shouldn’t pass. One says it’s a church matter and shouldn’t be touched by civil law because it is a biblical issue.

If we follow that logic we have to throw out laws prohibiting murder, rape, theft, perjury along with many others since civil law and biblical law often overlap. These essential and basic protections of individuals and society can’t be set aside just because we would like to think we are wiser than the many generations before us.

Some people claim personal freedom is wrongly infringed upon if same-sex relationships are not defined as equivalent to marriage. Is this caused by our attempt to recognize and treat both genders as equals? Have we lost sight of the fact that both genders are equal in human dignity rather than equal in all purpose and function?

It seems clear the concept of moral absolutes is being lost. There are absolutes in nature that are easy to see. The sun rises only in the east and sets only in the west. Even on days of overcast when we can’t see the sun we know this is true.

Some areas of moral norms also have this demanding consistency. The essential differences of the two genders and the importance of these differences should be as clear as the rising and setting of the sun.

Dan Noterman

Adams, Minn.